7 Things You Can Do Today to Change the World

We’re either here to change the world or be changed by it.

It’s that simple.

But too often, we fall into the trap of believing that we can’t—that changing the world is too big to grasp.

At YouPrint, we believe that people are the greatest investment. To that end, we help people achieve their potential and empower them to change the world.

One of our philosophies is “Dream Big. Focus Small.”

With that in mind, here are 7 smallish things you can do today that will, in fact, change the world.

1 – Stop the “But”

Excuses are like shovels. They dig graves that bury your dreams. Faith unearths what’s already buried inside of you.

Cut off the “But”. Wake up faith.

2 – Start With Joy

Joy doesn’t require perfection, it produces it.

A joyful spirit is like fertile soil—seeds thrive in it and bear much fruit.

3 – Learn to Pause

Life is fast. God is slow and deep.

Don’t waste either one by drawing a line between them.

4 – Don’t Focus on What You Don’t Have

Life has handed us lemons, yet we’re struggling to find the sugar and water to make lemonade.

Stop striving to make lemonade. Learn to love lemons instead.

5 – Give to People Without Expecting Things From Them

Faux generosity is Pinocchio. It comes with strings attached. True generosity is the real, stringless boy.

Give something today without attaching your name or expectations.

6 – Build Your Reputation

Actions matter. Words matter. Instead of letting one speak louder, build your reputation on both.

Be consistently excellent in everything you say and do. Your reputation will follow.

7 – Dig the Gold Out of People

When you learn to consider others over yourself, you begin to see the gold in them.

To dig it out, start treating them like they’re a world champion at something.

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