A Reminder About Pollen | Spring is Coming

I’m sitting at a coffee shop in Wrightsville Beach watching spring slowly bring life to a place that lies dormant during winter. In just a few months, this same coffee shop will be filled, but for now, it’s quiet and quaint. The passing cars are covered in yellow pollen which means that the flowers are blossoming and life is ready to return.

Despite the fact that our kid’s allergies have flared up, I joyfully welcome the yellow dust. To me, it’s a sign of what God is getting ready to do—bring life from things that once seemed dead.

Last week, we had the privilege to facilitate a leadership development workshop for a group of next-generation, high school students (video below). It was a powerful day filled with an innovative approach to leadership.

For many, hope seems lost on the next generation, but in the two hours I spent with these students, I saw a spark of life. Many of them talked to me about their personal struggles, the challenges they face with relating to an older generation and their desire to do something great with their lives. A metaphorical yellow pollen filled the room, a sign that dormancy was ending and life was coming.

What about your life?

Where have you grown dormant?

What parts of your life need awakening?

It’s easy to fall into a season of dormancy. The same church, the same personal development books and the same routines cause us to drift into complacent comfort. The Spirit of God isn’t fresh upon us and our passions have been silenced by our fears.

If you’re unsure if this is you, here are three tell-tale signs that you might be ready for an awakening.

Logic has replaced the miraculous

Logic isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t God. Complacency happens when we let logic become our chief navigational device. Instead of listening to God and courageously following where He leads, we seek the safety, comfort and self-preservation of logic.

Today, invite the miraculous back into your life by turning down the volume on your logic and letting God speak fresh encouragement into your heart.

You’re trading joy for stress

Joy is a fruit of the spirit. Stress ins’t. If you’re experiencing stress, you’re feeding on the wrong fruit. Stress is the fruit of trying by your own effort and your own understanding. Joy is the fruit of the freedom found in the Spirit.

Today, let go of stress by yielding to the joy of the Lord. And, don’t hesitate to do it as often as you need to until it becomes your new normal.

You’re following the wrong voice

Kevin recently shared this in one of our morning texts to The Portable Faith Community:

“Contrary to popular belief, God doesn’t help those who help themselves. He helps those who listen intimately and bravely follow His lead. So remember in all you’re “doing” that obedience actually begins with “listening” and listening always begins with rest.”

Today, there will be many conflicting voices vying for your obedience. Follow the One that comes from rest.


May the yellow dust of the Spirit of God fall fresh on you today and awaken you to His presence. Spring is coming in your life and fruit is waiting to be born. The challenge is, are you willing to let go of your logic, hold fast to joy and labor to enter His rest?


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