One Brick at a Time

Earlier this week, while on a short walk, I noticed a considerable amount of new construction in my neighborhood. As I passed one of the construction sites, I stopped to watch workers lay bricks on the foundation of a new building. Each brick was carefully placed and set before the next was added.

In that moment, I felt God say, “One brick at a time.”

Throughout my life I’ve struggled with patience.

When we first started our company, YouPrint, I was still in insurance sales. For two years, I lived in the waiting—that in-between season. I knew where God was leading me, but I also knew that I had to remain faithful with where He had placed me. Unfortunately, I spent many of those days wishing it away and I wasted a lot of time complaining that it wasn’t happening fast enough.

In time, I have learned that hyper focusing on the big vision can cause you to lose sight of the immediate, faithful steps.

Today, remember that every big vision is built one brick at a time. Your “someday” moment cannot happen without the faithful next steps along the way. Whatever it is that you’re pursuing, let God lay the bricks in his timing and stay faithful in the process.

The adverse is true as well…

Unhealthy foundations and divisive walls are built by the same method. Walls of resentment and fear, walls of stress and relational disfunction are all built one brick at a time. When you become impatient, it’s easy to bricks on the wrong wall.

I think of Abraham. God promised him a son with his wife Sarah. When it looked as if God wasn’t going to deliver, Abraham had a son with Hagar instead.

I think of Joseph. God gave him a vision as a young child. But Jospeh was sold into slavery by his own family and spent years in prison before he was prepared to realize his vision.

I think of Moses. God gave him a desire to free the Israelites. In his impatience, Moses killed a man and spent 40 years in the desert before God raised him up.

It’s easy to put bricks on the wrong wall when you’re waiting on the Lord. Those walls always lead to isolation and pain. These men show us that God does the impossible when we let Him build it.

Today, I’m thankful for the reminder God gave me while walking by that construction site. Whether it’s your business or you marriage or your self image or your reputation or your faith, make sure you’re building the right wall.

In my life, I’ve learned that happens at God’s pace, with God’s provision, one brick at a time.



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