Unexpected Doors in Unexpected Places

The woods behind our local university provide a great setting for long, uninterrupted walks. As a dad to five, quiet moments are few and far between so long walks have become a treasured chance to recharge. I use the time to unplug, pray and practice the joy of being alone.

Last week, as I made my way through the miles of trails, I came upon this door. Its placement was odd to say the least. The door was hidden deep within the tree line more than a half-mile away from the nearest home.

Upon seeing the door, I had this deep sense in my spirit that the door had a deeper meaning. I paused for a moment to give God space to speak. Then, I felt like He said:


Getting Beyond Our Logic

As we wrap up another year, many of us are in seasons of busyness. We’re meeting year-end goals, strategizing for the year ahead and trying to keep up with the personal demands of the holidays.

In the midst of this craziness, it’s easy to fall into the trap of letting our logic take over as a way to “get things done”. But when we operate from this place of logic it’s easy to miss what God is doing.

If logic is our guide, then Jesus becomes our copilot. But just as God isn’t confined to logic, Jesus isn’t a copilot. Jesus is Lord.

When we box God into a Sunday routine and a few good deeds, we effectively limit our opportunities. God is limitless. And if He created us in His image, we have that limitless capacity. It’s when we rest on our own understanding, that we limit ourselves.

During this season and in the year ahead, I believe God is inviting us to look beyond our logic. It’s time for us to seek the unexpected doors in unexpected places.

Look for the Unexpected

At its core, Christmas is a reminder for us to look for the unexpected.

No one expected the King to be a baby. Virgins don’t give birth. A Messiah shouldn’t be born in straw poverty. But that is how heaven invades earth.

With that said, I believe that God is intentionally opening doors in areas of your life where you least expect it. In fact, you may be resisting these opportunities because they don’t make sense.

This is an encouragement for us to yield to the wisdom and leading of the Lord. Remember, it will seem foolish to the world.

Instead of forcing God to fit into your own understanding, accept His invitation to partner with what He’s doing.

Mary prayed, “Let it be so according to your word.”

May we do the same.


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