About YouPrint

What’s a YouPrint?

As a kingdom minded business, we understand that you are priceless to God, and carry a very distinct purpose—to meet the needs of others, impact your community, or even shape an entire culture for His glory. We see this as God’s unique way of leaving His fingerprints on the world through yours—or what we call your “You Print”. And it all comes equipped with an exclusive design, a road map for success, and a time of appointment.

Who We Are

We are a Faith Development organization on a mission to bridge the discipleship gap that exists between Sundays. Our ministry is to meet and mentor our clients where they are in everyday life, help them reach their God-given potential, and advance the kingdom in all areas of earthly influence. To that end, we invest our time, talents, and resources in people who are ready to uncover their very own You Print—Those who are eager to satisfy their God-given desire, thrive in their gifts, and live the life of impact they were created for.

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