How Do You Wait on the Lord?

Do you get tired of hearing people talk about God’s timing and waiting on the Lord? Along with “pray about it” or “I’ll be praying for you”, “wait on the Lord” is

One Brick at a Time

Earlier this week, while on a short walk, I noticed a considerable amount of new construction in my neighborhood. As I passed one of the construction sites, I stopped to watch workers

Inner Genius | Matt Ham | TEDx Talk

YouPrint cofounder, Matt Ham, shares a talk on “Inner Genius” at TEDx McHenry Earlier this year, Matt Ham had the opportunity to speak at TEDx McHenry to share the mission and vision

Giving God Time to Speak

God gives us seven days each week. The real question is, how many days do we give Him? For years, I gave God a few hours on Sunday. But honestly, that was

Get Back in the Pool | Learning to Live Beyond Your Circumstances

Why do we let our circumstances keep us from doing what we love to do? More importantly, the things we know we’re supposed to do? In the summer of 2014, at the age of thirty-two, I was diagnosed with spreading malignant melanoma. The diagnosis and surgical procedure to remove the cancer stopped me in my tracks. …

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