Learning to Feel the Word

Instead of reading the Bible from a place of discipline and habit, what if you could learn to develop a desire and hunger for its wisdom? 

Instead of a playbook for living well, what if the Bible became the earthly contact point for an all-in relationship with God?

This fully comprehensive course from Zondervan author, Kevin Adams, will:

  •  Deepen your faith by providing a fresh approach to Bible study
  •  Challenge your habits by helping you understand how they are created
  •  Learn the difference between your will and your desires
  •  Encourage you to develop and think with a childlike heart
  •  Help you cultivate your unique, God-given “YouPrint”
  •  Teach you how to leave God’s fingerprints on the world through your own

We’ve also included “cliff note” videos and two “discussion videos.”

These videos are an invitation to recap the material and let it sink in through conversation.

This material is neither a theological, doctrinal or systematic approach to the study of scripture, but instead a simple expression in testimonial form on how one can experience God in a deeper, more fulfilling way by engaging the Word with a fresh perspective. 

Think of it as a conversation with a friend as they share and reflect on what they’ve learned—what has worked for them, and what they firmly believe will for work for you. We invite you to truly consider the ideas presented and how they might tangibly enhance your life experience as a child of God.

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