The Promise That Follows Passover

Experiencing the Passover

A few years ago, we took our family to Washington, D.C. My boys were at the perfect age to experience Arlington National Cemetery, The National Mall and all that our Nation’s Capital had to offer. I had done the same when I was their age.

It was nostalgic seeing the sites and experiencing the history, but one moment stood out above all the rest. It was Easter Week, and on Good Friday we decided to visit the Museum of the Bible. As a bit of a Bible nerd, I wanted to tap into the history, see some of the original manuscripts and experience the Bible in a fresh way.

One of the exhibits was a walk-through of the Old Testament. As you walked from room to room you would hear different aspects of God’s story and see the elements played out before you. From the flood to seeing Abraham standing over Isaac with a danger to watching Joseph’s brothers sell him into slavery, it was a powerful experience.

Then, as I rounded the corner to go into a new room, I stopped in my tracks. Ahead of me was what looked to be the doorway to a small hut. The doorway was covered in blood. I knew the Passover story, but I had never been face-to-face with this image.

For the first time in my life, I felt the story as I never had before. The Holy Spirit rushed over my body and I began to feel a tingling sensation from my head to my toes. The emotion welled up inside of me and I felt the Lord speak into my spirit, “There is no freedom without the blood.”

I started weeping uncontrollably. I attempted to gather myself as the other patrons around me continued through the exhibit, but I could hardly stand. The love and the power and presence of God had consumed me.

Remembering the Story

The Passover is a cornerstone marker in the life of God’s narrative — a dualistic display of His supreme justice and His supreme grace. It’s the ultimate picture of a Loving Father stepping in to set His children free.

For 430 years the Israelites had suffered under the oppression of the mightiest kingdom the world had known. And on a predestined day, the 14th day of the 1st month, God decided to bring supernatural deliverance to those who would believe. But in order for their freedom to be realized, it would require a sacrifice.

That night, the devourer would pass through every home in Egypt and in every single home, it would leave something dead — either the firstborn son or a helpless lamb. For those who stood under the blood of the lamb, their deliverance comes quickly. Those who refused were left in mourning.

However, in an interesting twist, God commands His people to have their belts tucked, sandals on their feet and their staff in their hand.


He’s telling them to be ready to step into their freedom.

In a moment, the King of Egypt relinquishes his grip and more than 1 million Israelites journey toward their promised freedom. For thousands of years God’s people would continue to fight for their freedom and though they experience times of victory, they also experience hardship and exile.

Enter Jesus.

God’s people are now under Roman rule and the oppressive thumb of the religious leaders. They are in need of deliverance yet again. But this time, God isn’t limiting His victory to Israel. He has provided the ultimate lamb for the ultimate Passover.

On the exact same day (the 14th day of the 1st month), Jesus, the true, spotless Lamb of God, would be slaughtered. His death and subsequent resurrection changes the entire narrative. His blood, smeared over the doorposts of our hearts, allows us to personally reconnect with the Father, experience true freedom and live as His expression in the world.

The Promise that Follows the Passover

Today is Passover.

Leading up to this week, God has been speaking to my heart about its significance. Not just the event itself, but the atmosphere that surrounds it. The pandemic and subsequent fallout has placed us in one of the most interesting times in history. With many churches still closed and others clad with masked congregants, we have been forced to reconcile our “convenient” faith for a more “authentic” version.

For some, the past 12 months has provided a moment of awakening, a sort-of spiritual realization of the magnitude and majesty of God. For others, their faith has faltered on the sandy soil of circumstance.

Regardless of where you find yourself today, I invite you to allow your heart to experience the Passover.

You see, the beauty of Passover ins’t just the Passover itself, it’s the promise that follows.

Every time you see God’s people participate in Passover, you see a powerful move of God shortly thereafter. After the original Passover, God parts the Red Sea. In the wilderness, God’s cloud of presence fills the Tent of Meeting. After Joshua crosses over into the Promised Land, the walls of Jericho fall. After Josiah holds the Passover, the Israelites are sent into exile and the temple is destroyed. When Ezra keeps it, the temple is rebuilt. And then, after Jesus and His disciples share the meal together, He is crucified.

As we experience the Passover this year, I feel like the Lord is reminding us of His original command, “Have your belt fastened, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand.”

I believe there is a promise that awaits us after this Passover and God is reminding you not to lose hope.

He’s telling us to prepare our hearts to step into His freedom.

A Red Sea, Resurrection moment is coming.

Are you ready?



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